Top Manufacturing Companies

Top Manufacturing Companies by Number of Employees


Employer Product Employment
Sony DADC CD & DVD Production 950*
ADVICS Mfg. Automobile Steering Components 841*
Bemis Polyethylene Bags/ Flexible Packaging 710
Great Dane Trailers Mfg. Semi Trailers 542 (1283 Clay County)
ELANCO- Division Eli Lilly Mfg. Animal Feed Enzyme 470* (Vermillion County)
ThyssenKrupp Presta Mfg. Automobile Steering Components 439
Taghleef Mfg. Oriented Polypropylene Film 425*
GE Aviation Mfg. of Turbine Engine Components 401*
Kellogg Snack's Mfg. Snack Foods & Cereal 250*
Jadcore Polyethylene Liners/Industrial Plastics Recycler 250*
CSN, LLC Cold-Roll Steel Finishing 213*
Ampacet Plastic Compounding 211*
Novelis Aluminum Foil 198
Menards Mfg. Truss/Block & Distribution 175
Clabber Girl Corporation Mfg. Baking Powder 165*
Tredegar Polyethylene Film 135
Gartland Foundry Mfg. Gray & Ductile Iron 102*
PolyOne Mfg. Polymers & Colorants 99*
DuPont Mfg. Sweeteners 95*
Green Leaf Mfg. Injection Molded Products 78*
Futurex Industries Mfg. Sheet Extrusion 77
Columbian Home Products Mfg. Brand Cookware 75
Lenex Steel Mfg. Steel Fabrication 64*
Modern Aluminum Castings Mfg. Aluminum 35
Reynolds & Company Mfg. Machine & Parts 25*
Source: Direct from Employers, (*) Denotes Third Quarter 2015.  All others reflect First Quarter 2014, 2013 and 2012


Terre Haute, Indiana


The Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation works closely with local and state officials to develop customized packages that meet the needs of business and the interests of the community.  The scope of project incentives is based on number and type of new jobs created or retained in Indiana, and new capital investments made in the community.

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Terre Haute EDC
630 Wabash Avenue, Suite 101
Terre Haute, Indiana 47807

Steve Witt, President
Phone: (812) 234-2524
Fax: (812) 232-6054

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