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Terre Haute offers the optimal environment in which to operate your business.  Literally tens of millions of dollars are invested in Terre Haute's utility infrastructure which delivers reliable competitively priced utility costs giving businesses and families more opportunity to prosper.


Suppliers of electricity are abundant and their service reliability is rated among the best in the U.S. with incentives available for both new and expanding business under certain conditions.  Depending on where retail customers are located, customers may be served by an investor-owned utility or a cooperative utility.

Fuel: Coal
Generating Capacity: 21,000MW
Peak Demand: 11,094 MW

Fuel: Coal
Wholesale Power Provider: Hoosier Energy                                                                                                                                                                          


Natural gas is provided throughout Terre Haute including developed industrial sites with integrated rate options allowing industrial customers to tailor their gas services to meet specific processes or facility needs.  And natural gas is increasingly becoming a popular fuel for electricity generation due to low costs and relative environmental benefits.  And in the transportation sector, natural gas is being compressed or liquified and used to fuel vehicles.

CenterPoint Energy
Source: Williams Pipeline
Service Area: Terre Haute and greater regional area

Water and Sewer

The potable water is supplied to the City of Terre Haute and surrounding areas by Indiana American Water and a handful of other smaller water utilities. The sanitary sewer system in greater Terre Haute is provided by the City of Terre Haute Sanitary District.

Indiana-American Water Company
Source: Four wells adjacent to the Wabash River
Current Daily Use:
-Average Demand: 8 MGD
-Peak Demand: 10.1 MGD
Current Daily Pumping Capacity: 13.3 MGD
Average Delivered Temperature: 50-65 F
Average Pressure in System: 55 pounds
Service Area: Terre Haute and greater regional area.

Terre Haute Waste Water Treatment Plant
Current Daily Capacity:
-Average: 10 MGD
-Peak: 48 MGD
The City of Terre Haute WWTP operates a federally delegated local pretreatment program. 


Terre Haute/Vigo County has a highly reliable communications network designed and engineered to meet the wireless, high speed internet access and voice service requirements of today's industries.  The network is comprised of digital switching centers and copper and fiber-optic cable.  Redundancy ensures the continuity of service. 

Joink, LLC
Joink is a leading provider of wireless Internet service in rural markets in Indiana and Illinois.  Joink's Midwest footprint is growing nationwide as it moves further into hosted applications and telephony services.  www.joink.com


Frontier Corporation provides telephone service to the Vigo County area. The local Marketing Department consists of a full staff of communications analysts, consultants and specialists to service large and small businesses. Frontier has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to meet all customer communication needs. A variety of long-distance phone services also are available.  www.frontier.com

Spectrum Class provides scalable IT solutions to businesses in Terre Haute, Indiana by offering a full portfolio of data, security, video products and fiber-based services, including Metro Ethernet solutions, dedicated Internet Access, tele-worker and branch office solutions and managed security storage.

Terre Haute EDC

Steve Witt, President
900 Wabash Avenue, Suite 200
Terre Haute, IN 47807

p. (812) 234-2524
f.  (812) 232-6054
e. info@terrehauteedc.com

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